Lone Wolf With Many Scars: Between Wounds, Power, and Inner War

On a cafe, two best friend meet each other.

“I’ve never seen the darkest version of you like now. More bitter. What happen?”

“I’m okay. Better than before. But…. I can’t feel anything right now. I’ve tried to. But…. Still can’t remember. But all is okay.”

“You know it’s so wrong. Don’t be like that. Remember you’re still human.”

“I just don’t know what’s the matter with me. Pick me some of your cards, and let’s find out.”

“Here’s your result:
* 8 cups, reverse: An infinite love. But it’s over. And it might be a trigger for what wear you now.
* Knave of sword: It’s about power. Because of your pain, the power has increase. And you’re ready to fight. You’ll have a power to attract people around you and control them.
* 2 swords: It’s about power too. And it’s two. Your power still increase, ready to deal with any fight, and you will destroy anyone who try to mess you, or fight you. Because it’s blind. And it related with 2nd card. The people who attracted will be ignored because of your self defence.
* 5 wands: It’s about spirituality. You’ll have a war inside your self. An inner war. Between your principle and your defence. And after all, you get nothing. As you know, war will only leave destruction.
* 6 wands: It’s about spirituality. In this card, your spirituality will increase. Because there is a little angel give you guidance to self your self from your own destruction. She will heal you.
I hope you’ll be okay. Sooner.”

“I don’t know but it’s damn true. I just don’t know what I have to do. But, maybe I’ll try to fix my self first. Try to feel any emotion again. I just need someone to save me from this shit.”

“You’ll be okay.”

“I know. I will.”

Heard vaguely in the cafe:Everybody’s Changing – Keane.

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